Food for non-clients

If you are not registered as a Food Pantry Client at Ginny’s Helping Hand, you are still able to come during our normal hours and chose a limited number of food items that change day to day, and season to season.  These items are:

Whiteboard Items (perishable)

We regularly update the whiteboard at the Food Pantry Desk with a list of the available perishable items. Anyone may request Whiteboard Items, which may include anything from apples and bananas to avocados and pineapples. Quantities are limited. You must request Whiteboard Items in person during our normal hours

Shelf Items (non-perishable)

Shelf Items almost always include bread or rolls. Often there are other items as well, which may range from shelf-stable food to winter hats, to toiletries, to laundry detergent. Quantities or limited. You are welcome to pick up Shelf Items during our normal hours.