Free Groceries for Clients

Each month, Ginny’s Helping Hand supports thousands of people in North Central Massachusetts by providing fresh, frozen, and shelf-stable groceries that come from scores of partners and supporters. Ginny’s Staff and Volunteers are committed to providing healthy food and courteous service to every Client who comes through the door.

Groceries for Clients

  1. Pantry Pick-Ups – Twice a month during normal hours
    Each Client Household is welcome to receive up to two (2) Pantry Pick-Ups each calendar month. Each Pantry Pick-Up consists of two (2) to four (4) bags of groceries, depending on what is in stock that day. When possible, larger households receive more portions of some items.
    1. You must wear a face mask when you are at Ginny’s Helping Hand
    2. Please bring tote bags or backpacks to transport your groceries
    3. We do not deliver groceries. If you are unable to come yourself, you may have a neighbor or friend pick up your groceries at Ginny’s Helping Hand, 52 Mechanic St, Leominster, MA.
  2. Whiteboard Items (Perishable)
    We regularly update the whiteboard at the Food Pantry Desk with a list of available perishable items. On days without a Pantry Pick-up, each Client Household is welcome to request any Whiteboard Items, which may include anything from apples and bananas to avocados and pineapples.
  3. Shelf Items
    In addition to twice-monthly Pantry Pick-Ups, each household is welcome to select from whatever Shelf Items are available at the time. Shelf Items almost always include bread or rolls. Often there are other items as well, which may range from shelf-stable food to winter hats, to toiletries, to laundry detergent.
  4. Specific Supplies
    Sometimes Ginny’s has diapers, menstrual products, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and/or pet food for people in need. Clients are welcome to request these Specific Supplies, with the understanding that we may not have any available that day.