Team Ginny’s

Board of Directors

David E. Rowlands, Principal Software Engineer, Nasuni Corporation

Suzanne Koehler, Cash Accountant, Sterilite Corporation

Susan Chalifoux Zephir, Senior Advisor, Ginny’s Helping Hand, Inc.

Fred Beauregard, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, United Solutions  

John M. Dombrowski, Attorney & Partner, Dombrowski, Aveni & Bunnell

Patricia E. Freiss, Volunteer, Ginny’s Helping Hand, Inc.

Nona L. Ojala, Retired, Leominster Public Schools

Edward W. Zephir, Jr., Volunteer, Ginny’s Helping Hand, Inc.


Brandon L. Robbins, Executive Director
Mayra, Manager 
Joan, Clothing Supervisor
Justin, Truck Driver/Food Pantry Staff
Aaron, Team Member

Ginny's staff from 

Left to Right Back Row: Mayra (Assistant Manager), Joan (Clothing Supervisor), Pat Freiss (Board of Directors and Volunteer) Rich Freiss (Volunteer), Sue Chalifoux Zephir (Board Clerk and Senior Advisor), Brandon L. Robbins (Executive Director) 

Front Row from Left to Right: Julia (Staff Member), Michael Pauley (Staff Member), Ed Zephir (Board of Directors and Volunteer)

Core Volunteers*

Ed Zephir (since 1985)

Jim McHale (since 2007)

Sue McHale (since 2007)

Patricia E. Freiss (since 2013)

Jane Flynn (since 2016)

Kathy O’Donnell (since 2016)

Sue Kinsella (since 2018)

Josh Leite (since 2019)

Joyce Leite (since 2019)

Fred Beauregard (since 2020)

Richard Freiss (since 2020)

Penny Himlin (since 2021)

Marcy Rothenberg (since 2022)

*A “Core Volunteer” is someone who commits at least four hours each month to volunteer at Ginny’s. Whether it is an hour every day or one afternoon a month, or some variation, Core Volunteers set specific days and times and become essential members of “Team Ginny’s.”