Shopping at Ginny’s

If you have not yet been in the Thrift Store in Ginny’s you are in for a pleasant surprise, because it is a thrifter’s paradise! With more than 2,500 square feet of display area, there is space for great deals for everyone. 

You’ll find gently-used and brand-new items for sale. Everything has been donated, so 100% of your purchases support the Food Pantry at Ginny’s.

Clothes, Footwear and Outerwear

  • Infants and Children: $0.25 to $3.00
  • Teens and Adults: $4.00 to $10.00


  • Scarves, Ties and Belts: $1 each and up
  • Jewelry: $0.25 and up
  • Purses and Backpacks: $1.00 and up


  • Towels and Bedding: $2.00 and up
  • Tablecloths and Napkins: $1.00 and up
  • Curtains and Pillows: $2.00 and up
  • Ginny’s accepts cash and credit/debit cards ($5 minimum).
  • There are no fitting rooms at Ginny’s, but there are mirrors.
  • All sales at Ginny’s a final. You may return any item as a donation, but we do not make refunds.